L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“18,362,831 Hits”

There was a time when I would look for and find the most insane thing in the news to write about. Now its all crazy and I’m at loss of where to begin…Its really bad out there. Here is an example..It occurred to me yesterday that not only do surveillance cameras watch every move we make in every possible way. I have even written about that a few times before. Now they touch us in the most intimate parts of our body before we fly in a commercial airplane. I mean who would take a job that involves touching people in their private areas? So if you didn't feel dirty before you got to the airport you will when you leave. Under the guise of protecting us, now they are invading our privacy in every way shape or form. Now that’s crazy. We are characterized, numbered and photographed. Statistically they know what we will do or won’t do now or in the future. We are watched on the highways, stores, roads and even when we walk on the sidewalk. Google watches us from satellites in space. In the more sophisticated versions the Government not only watches us from space but listens to our cell calls and monitors our computer activity. Who in Gods name told them they could do that. They are supposed to be watching the bad guys. The only people who don’t have to be subjected to be x-rayed or pawed over are the rich and the folks who can afford a private jet…I wonder who will have the first see through x-ray on YouTube of a famous person? I can see it now…Lady Gaga naked in x-ray form or Angelina Jolie being patted around her crotch and boob area. Imagine that on YouTube with 18,362,831 hits…  

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