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My drill instructor used to say, actually yelled “The U.S. Army is about uniformity and discipline!” That’s how it began and I learned what that was and it stuck with me. In other words each man is the property of the U.S. government and will look the same and that means dress the same every day, unless of coarse you are told to do different. What I’m trying to say here is, sorry about the type size and color lately…As you know by now I like uniformity but sometimes I have to expedite and leave. I need to get the job done without all the perfection. Its like, always being on time…Lately I am arriving at places just a little late to break up the monotony of becoming predictable…I think I’m going through some kind of change. That happens once and a while and I can actually feel it…I still have the need apologize but that’s just me.

Yesterday morning I went to leave and the battery was dead in the Mustang..No panic and after looking it over, checking things out and some thought, I realized that I couldn’t have left anything on because in that car after a short period of time it would shut off automatically. I figured out that the battery had died. It had a 6 year life and with all the electronics in that car 6 years is a long time. It was then I called AAA. He came to my house in about 40 minutes…The guy put his electronic gizmos on the posts and sure enough it had a dead cell. 20 minutes and a Hundred and twenty dollars later I was the proud owner of a brand new battery with a 3 year full replacement guarantee. The best part is I didn’t get mad. I was glad that I had AAA insurance. As you know, I don’t name products, stores, or restaurants unless they are really good. Well, AAA in this area is great. They are fast, expensive yes but I didn’t feel like the price was that high considering he came to the house checked every thing out and installed the battery. Now I feel confident and having this type of protection is a absolute must…Thank you AAA…

Spring 2008 38 Auto 012


Tags: aaa, monotony of becoming predictable
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