L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“Picture Day, Sort of “

So far so good on this page. The experimenting is still going on. …Its working better than I expected. I actually put some fall pictures without going through all the LJ nonsense. This is like an experiment to see if works…If it does its amazing…There is no work or waiting for each picture to download  It’s a click and its there… If this happens you will see some great pictures in the future. OK,OK just let me blow my horn for once…I won’t do that anymore…Well, maybe I won’t. We had about a week of these beautiful trees now everything is gone…These were taken in Clinton and at the East Lyme Public library in Connecticut.

Reflections 5 001 Reflections 5 005Reflections 5 004Reflections 5 019

Reflections 5 025Reflections 5 027

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