L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

“Football Day”

During this transition from regular posting to Windows Live Writer posting, things will be messed up….Sort of, that is. This post has a type that I like but I don’t think it will come through on the post. The color is the same as my page. If it works I will be surprised. I might change the page style. I don’t know yet? I kind of like my bar code thing and card board box color. I’ll see as I make up my mind.  Did I mention that the New York Giants beat the tar out of the Dallas Cowboys last Monday night…I guess I didn’t, Sorry. I know you mess it if I don’t gloat so here it is..This week is a bye for the Giants…Because of the Cowboy loss Jerry Jones is on suicide watch in a shower stall in the Cowboy locker room. Just kidding but he looked really depressed sitting there alone in his million dollar sky booth. I would be too if my team only won one game in my new multi-million dollar stadium. Their attendance is down to all the drunks that can sneak in and the free tickets they can give away. Did they win a game at home yet or did they win it away? I mean how bad is that….Someone said, “Really bad, right Jerry? OK, I won’t pick on poor Jerry because we have all been there…Jerry, I hope Kitna works out for you…Snicker,snicker…. The games to watch today are the Patriot's and the Viking’s and the Saints and Steelers. Predictions? well, I don’t know but I will guess and hope the Vikes beat the Pats and the Steelers beat the Saints…I really don’t think so but I can hope. The Cowboys are favorite over the Jaguar’s because they are at home in Dallas but I will pick the Jaguars to beat the Cowboys because I want to see Jerry cry again..

Tags: giants, jerry jones
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