L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"The Best Game"

Its football day…The Giants play on Monday night against Dallas in Dallas. If you are a Giant fan don’t miss this one, it should be a classic…Don’t fret, I’m busy with other games today….The best game today should be The Vikings at the Packers tonight at 8...Today for dinner, I think I’ll make a ham with peas and broccoli on the side with a fresh salad. It will be in the sixties this afternoon with sunny sky’s here so a walk on the beach is in order…That’s in order everyday its just a matter of timing now because it gets darker earlier and I can’t see the sea glass. If you looked at the pictures I posted yesterday it seems the sunsets are getting more and more beautiful…I find peace there. There is nothing like it…So as your world twists out of control in the wind, I find a peace and calmness and most of all serenity at the edge of the ocean and if I really listen I can actually hear God talking to me…
Tags: dinner, football, giants, listen
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