L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"I Told You So"

I have been noticing lately the some of the things I have written about in the past are now getting in the news. The people are getting upset...I don’t have a, I told you so list but I have been thinking or saying, “Hey, I wrote about that a while ago, a lot lately“…I guess the world is changing a lot faster than people are expecting. People that were laughing and encouraging this before are not laughing now. I guess some folks don’t like when stupidity is their world. A lot has to do with morals and teenagers. Some of it, the outrageous behavior and the copycats just to get on TV. I said a long time ago reality shows are not real. Apparently you can’t say that you are afraid or apprehensive to get on a plane with someone who dresses as a Muslim…The question is, Who isn’t afraid or apprehensive? You just can’t say it out loud…George Carlin had a list of words you can’t say on TV. Well, the list is a lot longer now and it includes thinking and innuendo…. I’m not a, I told you so guy but its so predictable that I just can’t help it….Like it or not there are consequences to every behavior.
Tags: predictions
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