L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"No Commercials"

My quest to not watch TV and still see all the shows I like is working. I see them all from A to Z and not watch one commercial….The morning is, put the TV on mute till the weather comes on… un-mute listen, mute it till the traffic girl comes on, watch and gloat to myself that I don’t have to drive in all the craziness, mute till the talk comes back then start all over again…At 8:45 AM watch CNN for some really insane news sometimes and get ready to leave…9:30 AM or so turn it off again till the next day….During the day I will download TV shows. Total time for 5, 1 hour shows about 45 minutes…Multi tasking during this when I feel like it is possible….Its so nice to have the time to be able to do all this…Later guys, its going to be a busy day…
Tags: commercials
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