L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari


Its windy here in Connecticut this morning…I am about half way through with my new James Lee Burke book on CD, “The Glass Rainbow” Its his best by far. Last night I watched the new movie “Red” with Bruce Willis. If you like action movies see this one. There are lots of great actors and a few new ones also…Not much going on here today for a Saturday and I was the only person at the beach last evening before dark…It’s the best time and my sea glass collection is growing. Collecting that glass is a very interesting hobby as is the art of keeping a low profile. That is getting easier and better because minding my own business is sometimes difficult but working at last…I could say that that I’m done with a lot of things but I won’t. Not yet…I will say that, from now on I will stand back and watch with sadness as our society and the world as we know it slowly swirls down the drain…I’ve got this really bad feeling that something is going happen…No, its not my negative attitude. Its just a feeling…Its like its there and it won’t go away….
Tags: red, the glass rainbow
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