L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Morning Mind Blank"

It happens to me at least once a week. "Morning mind blank". To keep my record going of 931 consecutive morning entries I will post this…Its not like nothing happened and when I think about it, a lot happened yesterday. Well, does learning stuff mean something happened? I can’t tell you what but I did learn things. I mean I could tell you but its just too long to go into…Its like I learned stuff by other people making mistakes…I remember when I was a kid and I screwed up and believe me I did that a lot. I thought and exclaimed “I’ll never let that happen again“….97% of the time it didn’t…Well, I still learn by, not so much by my mistakes but by yours…I mean its common sense for me to learn now…Some profiles on line want education and schools.….I put, “University of Common Sense” and the “School of Hard Knocks“… For my home, I put, “The right side of the Tracks” Hang in there guys if you learn by the other guys mistake it gets easier. The pictures are from yesterday….
I don't know who the little boy is...Kinda reminds me of me back when....... 

Tags: school of hard knocks, university of common sense
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