L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Woman and Fall"

Fall is here…Its actually cold here..I had to wear a jacket yesterday morning. I am happy to report the noise is totally gone. Construction is finished..Peace at last…I can think again…..Guess what! I can’t think of a damn thing to write about….its too peaceful….What’s up with that? I was talking to another beach walker last night. There are many of us. The secret is, to do this walking when there is no one else on the beach….Its tricky but it can be done and you need to go to different beaches. Never the same the same one all the time, A different one every day….What do people like us talk about you ask? We talk about sea glass and if you happen to like to take pictures. “Sunsets”. She told me of some secret places to find glass. Not cheater glass, some good worn pieces…All colors and that is very important…She also told me of some great places to take pictures…I kinda knew all this but listened attentively… Today I’m going to try some of those suggestions. We all have our places to roam…I was hit on yesterday by a woman and I very nicely refused. I just don’t have the time to get involved…I am changing, I think I am evolving into an older guy. I just might be growing up too….. Its hard to explain. I am set in my ways, I guess. I felt bad because I realize how much it took to get the courage to do this…I realize that loneliness is very difficult and sometimes very painful…I have no solutions. It’s the word “Time” I guess, time to get to like yourself and enjoy your own company…. I’m not trying to start anything here but woman today are different than in the past….Sometimes not for the good…Older woman are trying to be like the younger ones but have a tendency to blame all men for their mistakes….Just a comment here, said very softly…..Ladies, I (me) did not do anything to you, your ex-whatever did. Not me!…..Again, calmly and softly here, almost in a whisper….Please don’t blame me for your past mistakes and what these assholes did to you……
Tags: fall 2010, sea glass, woman
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