L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

" A Witch Dabbler?"

Lets see, so far we have a witch dabbler, a multi millionaire wrestling promoter, who by the way promotes fake wrestling matches by men and woman using steroids. A guy who lies about he where he served in the military and a host of others who are spending millions, accusing everyone else of bad behavior. All are pointing fingers at each other. Its so bad, how do we know who to vote for? The political commercials have been running for months and months. In some cases years. I don’t watch regular TV because of that and all the other commercials and promotions…They are so into slandering each other they don’t talk about what is really happening. Do they even know what is going on? Do they know what everything costs? Do they even know how much a half gallon of milk costs? Don’t they know about the crime rate and who is committing these crimes? How about terrorism? Do they know that real people don’t feel safe? How about the illegal’s? What are they going to do about that? Are they going to fix welfare and lower taxes? How about the price of gas? What are they going to do about that? They don’t know because they are in a Limo all the time. I have no idea who is running for governor. I seen an older guy who is married to a younger woman….Not that there is anything wrong with that….It just tells me that he left his real wife for the young one who, by the way is a lawyer on what looks like his staff. Gee, I wonder where he met her? …Is a real person running for governor? Like everything else I am separating myself from, I guess voting is on the list. I don’t like any of them. I don’t trust them, in fact I don’t know who they are….According to them they are all crooks and liers….These fools live in their own world…..There is so much more insanity I could write about…I just don’t have the time….God bless America, because it really needs it...
Tags: real people, time, witch
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