L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Giants Won"

I don’t believe it…The Giants won the game…17-3. I actually feel sorry for the Bear quaterback…I can’t imagine getting up in the morning after being hit all those times from every direction. 10 sacks, 9 in the first half. He finally left the game in the second half. It looked like he had a concussion. He definitely was rocked.….Obviously the Giant defense came to play…If the giant receivers caught all the passes they dropped the score would have been 45-3...I seen little glimpses of the Giants past. There is still a lot of work to do…it’s a tossup on the next game in Texas with the Houston Texans. At least to me it is… Got to leave in a few minutes…Slept well but I still feel tired…I need some fresh air…I have a feeling my world is starting to shape up and come together…Willie has new way to hide on me to escape taking his pill.…I let him get away so I have to keep an eye him…I seen this morning where another Male Lion got pissed and attacked his trainer. I think its the year of the cat…Counting the Vegas guy and Willie, the score is Lions and cats 4, humans 0. Go cats……Later guys…
Tags: bears, cats, giants, lions
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