L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"No Football Today"

There is some kind of conflict on who will show the Giants on TV today. This happens at least once a season. We have 2 networks that televise games, Fox and CBS and according to the local TV guide no one is carrying the Giant game…It looks like an internet movie day or a bike ride for me…Its just another reason why I don’t watch regular TV…I feel nothing but disappointment…At this point I would like reiterate my commitment to never ever knowingly buy anything advertised on TV. I will never talk about or name stores in my post and will always write about the mistakes the local channels make. That is if I happen to have it on at the time and always, if I pay, will pay only the absolute minimum for TV in my house. That’s it for now because I don’t want to rant about other issues feeling the way I do. Did you notice I didn't call anybody names?
Tags: football
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