L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"News Gimmic"

…Another hot day today and I’m getting tired of listening to the air conditioner. Lohan posted $300,000 bail to get out of jail. Can you imagine just being able to do that? I wonder if when she got home she went for the liquor cabinet or called her Doctor dealer. All the rich folks have Doctor dealers like Jackson. Every morning on the news they make it sound like its breaking news of an overnight shooting on the streets of Hartford and New Haven. My advice, do not move to these locations. Even the illegal’s and blacks are moving to other towns and cities. There is nothing new about this, It happens every night. Its normal. I just hope they shoot at each other and not up in the air where the bullets can come down and hit someone…I wonder if they will always be reporting like this, that breaking news gimmic? It can’t be breaking if its going on all the time. Its boring to listen to. That’s why I mute it, that and the Linda McMann political ads. Which have been running for almost 2 years. Then of coarse there are the commercials. Like I said I don’t turn it on that much…All I see is this wrestling promoter woman who will do anything to be in politics spending a lot of money, $50,000,000.00, that’s $50 million dollars to buy the job in Washington. I don’t even know what job? I do know that money could be used could be used for much better things. Like donate it to the welfare recipients of Connecticut so they can buy cigarettes at 10 dollars a pack and get money back on their welfare charge cards. Its just not fair that you tax payers have to pay for all this. I wonder why this Linda person wants to go to Washington so bad…Whats up with that? Hmmm, Something else is going on that we don’t know about. I think it’s the Limos and the nightlife with the bodyguards and parties. I heard that the bullets are flying there as well as Hartford and New Haven….Is there murder going on all around our wonderful country? Could it be all the drugs and corruption? Is no one setting a good example? Its all steal, as much as you can...There are Governors and Mayors as well as low level state and federal employees going to jail. I wonder if that’s a sign. Well, there is no breaking news there either. Its just another day in the United States… Soon there will be nothing to report but the commericals. That and the requests for donations for Cancer, Aids, floods and earthquakes. I heard that there was a Bono concert for Aids but the money went to pay the,…..Hey, read it yourself. I don’t trust any of them and I never will again… 

Tags: aids, bono concert, cancer, doctor dealer, earthquakes, floods, hartford, linda mcmann, lohan, new haven
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