L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Set an Example"

…Its supposed to be 90 degrees today…This global warming is really bad, isn't it? There is no sun, at least not now, but its muggy. I don’t like using the air conditioner but it looks like I’m going to have to. I know. I’m still down but getting better. All this negitive news going on. Its really bad. I don’t know where to begin so I won’t….I only turn on the TV in the morning for the weather and to see this really hot traffic girl in high definition. Then only for the football and baseball. Yet, I see all the new shows commerical free…Glee is the same with Hellcats trying to do the same stuff. Hellcats is rough and I know its fake but the ghetto dancing in the streets on the cement is a bit much. I’m not going to watch that anymore. There is something about the ghetto stuff that turns me off. …Nikita is a great show and I hope Detroit 187 catches on…House and Cutty are finally together but House has the same crappy attitude. Like he’s the only one with leg issues. Dude, lighten up there are guys with no legs…I'm getting tired of your nonsense. You are a doctor, do something about your leg, set an example. Are there really people like in Parenthood? Last year was good but now, talking so fast that I can’t understand them. I believe that there are families like that but everyone minding everybody’s business. Its confusing but hey, it could be me…I don’t know? So far all the rest are the same with the same stuff going on. There is nothing really outstanding. I like Tom Sellick but will Blue Bloods work? We will see. Today it will be, try to stay cool and keep a low profile…
Tags: blue bloods, detroit 187, glee, hellcats, house, nikita, parenthood
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