L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Vim Out of His Vigor”

The Doctors visit went well and my blood pressure was normal which surprised me. I thought for sure it would be high. This morning Willie is giving me a problem taking his pill. Sometimes I think he spends the day thinking of ways to avoid me giving him that pill. In a few minutes I’ll try again. Its getting cooler here and the beaches are vacant. I’ve been doing a lot of sea glass hunting lately and its great. Blue, green but mostly white. All colors are available. Its mandatory that I (we) walk everyday walk for miles near the raging surf but that’s part the job. The problem is which beach to go to. Sometimes it’s a tough decision and I have been wandering the beaches everyday lately. I love doing that. It has an calming effect on me. This morning it took 3 tries for him to take 1 pill. For those of you are saying, “what is this guy talking about“? Willie is my cat and he takes Amitriptyline to calm him down. I administer it to him every day. So for its working. Its taken some of the, ‘Vim out of his vigor” Its better than the alternitive. I wish he knew what that meant. Hang in there guys and remember they are watching you from every where…..
Tags: pill, sea glass, willie
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