L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari


Burn a Koran, Bible, Flag, no and I don’t condone any of that. Its disrespectful but I guess those days are gone. Hell, they have been gone for a long time. I am so astonished about the things that are happening in and to this country I am speechless and I will admit to being fearful about our future. It’s a guy thing, admitting things. An Army General in a war telling people what to do or in this case what not to do. A President saying, “Not to do things“. Him saying that like that is like throwing gas on the fire. I am taking bets on his re-election. This guy is done. Don’t be too surprised if he sends in an FBI swat team to take the redneck preacher to jail. Hey, FBI guys, keep in mind, most of those white guys in that Florida church carry guns and are really pissed off. Would he do that if someone said they were going to burn a bible? I don’t think so. Its almost like he is sympathetic to the Muslims. There is a rumor the he is one of them. Maybe he will send in a redneck aid in to try to talk the preacher out of it. Just don’t send a black guy, Pres. Why are they afraid? Freedom of speech is on the line. doesn’t he know that. It has been for a while. Its getting worse now. I am always thinking. Can I say this? Can I say that? And so It begins…Now, if the Rev backs down, I guarantee it can only get worst. Why is the military showing fear? I didn’t think we were afraid of anything. I mean, we do have, “The Bomb”. I’ll even bet we have a lot of B-52’s hanging around doing nothing for some really neat carpet bombing if necessary. I always flash back to when the Russians left Afghanistan. How they were beaten by the Taliban. Could it be the United States military is trying to leave Afghanistan without it looking like they lost. Is that it? Lately, they have the tendency to do that, that lets pretend we won stuff. Its like the General is afraid and saying, “Please don’t make waves“. I have never seen or heard of a General saying or doing anything like that. Where is “Patton” when we really need him? I don’t know. Are we the most powerful war machine? Something is going on. Its like me saying, “Please don’t step on the Taliban’s toes we might get them upset”. I can’t imagine doing that. I’m for the carpet bombing. They hate Americans anyways. That will never change…..Do you think the General is trying to make friends with them? Dude, it won’t work. It never will.

Quote…..“I've had enough of being led by the nose by this whole population which is destroying us, (and) destroying our country by imposing their ways." Actress Brigitte Bardot talking about the Muslims after her arrest in 2006.. She is an animal activist who protested how the Muslims kill animals. I'm afraid to ask...France is home to Europe's largest Muslim community, estimated at five million people.


Tags: brigitte bardot, general, muslims, patton
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