L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"No Enemies"

Yesterday was just a normal day. The Willie bite is healing well. Last week when I called the Doctor she said, “not to worry, the swelling would be gone by Labor day“. How does she know these things? So far he is taking his pill with minimal resistance. He is a definitely a different cat. He is more peaceful but he does have his moments. He was playing with a twisty yesterday. That was the first time I seen him do that in a while…Its all up to him. The surf was high and choppy with heavy winds yesterday but my bike ride was beautiful as usual. I’m feeling better and things are almost back to the way I like it…For the second week in a row after my ride I stopped in a so-called classy restaurant in Old Saybrook. For the second week in a row I was not pleased. Yesterday I had small Caesar Salad with Scallops. Its one of my favorites. The Scallops were cooked too long and tasted burned and I got the impression the salad was not fresh. When I was leaving I seen a picture of Nicolas Cage standing next to his Rolls Royce. I hope his meal was better than mine. I don’t know about Nick but I’m not going there anymore. I liked it because I like eating outside. It’s a sidewalk restaurant. Last night I was out with some friends. We had a great time. I didn’t whine too much but I did mention that when all this stuff was happening I didn’t make any enemies. Pictures are from yesterday…Take care guys…
Tags: nicolas cage, willie
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