L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Miserable 3 Weeks"

I know why I have been getting so upset lately about what’s going on in our country. Its an accumulation of a lot of things. First, it’s the change. Its happening much too fast. So fast that I haven’t got time to accept it before it changes all over again. At the speed its growing I have an odd feeling that this country is going to have some huge problems in the future. Its like a fear but that is not what this is all about. Second, I don’t ever remember having such a miserable 3 weeks in my life. Everything that happened I was unprepared for and it happened all a once. The Willie bite, the car beak down. These things were not supposed to happen. Not together like that. The Willie bite meant I had to make a painful decision. I chose giving him medication to calm him down. He gets a pill every day, no exceptions. He gets no more chances and I mean that. I actually went to the Humane Society to be prepared for his last ride. I don’t like living like that. The car, I’m not going to say how much that cost but I had to rent a car because the bastards at Plaza Ford in E. Lyme Connecticut didn’t have a loaner. I’ll bet there were 40 or 50 used cars out there in the lot. They knew my car was down for 3 days waiting for parts, that they should have had. That should be a hint on how much it cost. The money is one thing but the damage to my pride and ego was painful. I bought that Ford Mustang new from a Ford Garage. The thing that broke was not supposed to break like that. I could accept it if I did it. I just don’t know what or who to be pissed off at. The Ford garage for not having the part, it’s a Ford dealer, the car is 5 years old. They are supposed to have Ford parts. Its not my fault that they didn’t. They should have bent over backwards to give me loaner. It feels like I was setup and put in a position to be mugged and robbed and I could not do a blessed thing about it. I had the money to pay for it but that’s not the point. I was grounded, my leg was sore and swollen. I was afraid it was going to be infected. I had to drive a cheap, strange foreign car that I had to pay for. I had to go to the Doctor, take antibiotics, make arrangements to have him, Willie, you know what I mean, then worry about him, talk to the Vet, pick up the pills for him. Two different kinds of pills. I felt like I was doing things I was forced to do and I didn’t have any choice. In the meantime I’m keeping a somewhat level head so I won’t take it out on anybody with anger or make any decisions that I would regret later. I know, I know. Feeling sorry for myself yes. Why me, yes. What did I do to deserve this, yes. I know, I’ll get over it. My leg is still, after three weeks a little swollen but things are getting back to normal. What it amounts to is, I am having an extremely bad case of self pity…. Thank you for listening….The sun is shining today and I think I’ll go for a bike ride.

Comment….A 21 year veteran of the Connecticut State Police was killed Thursday night. A driver in a pickup truck swerved from the left lane to the right lane and drove into the back of the cruiser and over the top while the Officer was sitting in it writing a ticket. Warning…If you happen to be going some place today on one of our jammed highways slow down because there are some very angry State cops out there….

Tags: connecticut state police, plaza ford in e. lyme connecticut

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