L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"More Rest"

Looks like we are in the path of the Hurricane Earl. I was living here the last time one came ashore. The wind blew a small tree down on my house. I don’t think anything bad can happen to me this time because I have had all the bad things happen in the last 2 weeks that can possibly happen. I do worry about my car and the wind blowing debris all over the place. Years ago I was in a tornado and the wind blew sand so hard it stripped the paint off the side of my truck. My ankle and leg swelling has gone down considerably. I called the doctor yesterday and she said that it takes 2 to 3 weeks for this kind of swelling from a “Cat” bite to go down. Yes, I can call and actually talk to my doctor and she will talk to me or call me back. She said if it doesn’t heal by labor day to come in to see her. It seems if I stay off my feet it is getting better and that is virtually impossible. Staying off my feet that is, although I find myself resting more since this happened. Speaking of cats Willie is taking his pill every day as prescribed. The good news is when I made my usual stop at the flea market in Westbrook yesterday, I found a dark blue Nintendo DS XL in perfect condition. It’s a hand held game player for those of you that don’t know what it is. I could not believe it. It’s a sin what a paid for it. It even had the charger and it works beautifully. I mean this thing connects to the internet. I went to the Nintendo web page and made a copy of the complete instructions. Its hard to believe that it made it to the electronics shelf and no one had the presence of mind to grab it. My favorite game is Zelda. I think I’ll pick up a used one today. A month ago I found a Wireless G with speed booster in perfect condition at the same place. I guess when the rich and famous get bored with their toys they donate them to this place…If I still had my antique shop this place would be my major supplier for furniture. Today I’m going to rest my leg and test my new game thing. Guys just when you think the world is collapsing around you, don’t do anything negative, just wait, something good will happen. Use the experience learn something. …. It will get better. I took this picture the other day. I just love these creatures…. 
Tags: debris, game player, hurricane, pill

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