L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Thank You"

Thank you everyone for your support for me and my dilemma with Willie. Its all up him, the Meds and his behavior. I will give him every consideration possible.

   In response to the comments I received on the, “President for a day” post….Yes, I agree and you are absolutely right but what I see really happening is, American citizens are losing their jobs because of Federal rules and regulations on hiring. A lot of the people crossing over into this country from around the world are criminals and misfits. The people that come here are not being inoculated and are bringing diseases and are draining our already maxed out health care system. The taxpayers are overburdened as it is because of this administrations lack of making major decisions. The only jobs, if there are any, are minimum wage. The environment is circling the drain. I only say, its got to start somewhere. What if a foreigner applied for a job where you work and by a trick of fate a federal rule said they were to have your position or God forbid, you were a victim of a crime committed by a illegal. Again I say its got to start somewhere. 
       As far as the Muslims and the World Trade Center go. Yes there are good Muslims but within that group there are the radicals. The supposedly good ones do nothing to help Americans find the bad ones. I just don’t know the difference. If they were as good as they say they are they would live like Americans not like they were in the middle ages. They would respect the fact that 2700 people were murdered in that area by THIER Muslim radicals… Real American people are getting angry…..I just said it out loud. I’m afraid you will be hearing it more and more. I will not stop until something is done. I promise I will be a constant reminder that something is wrong...Thank you for responding. Hang in there guys, I don't think its going to get much better.....

Tags: americans, illegals, muslims, radicals, trade, willie, world
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