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I sent this to Gem Jewerly's web page this morning. I don't complain often but in this case I could not resist.......Read on....

           Yesterday, I went over to the Enfield Connecticut store of Gem Jewerly and after being looked up and down I was buzzed in, I must have looked OK because at least I passed that test, although I felt like I was going into a prison to visit someone. I was greeted by a smug salesman. I got that impression the he was looking down at me.. Like I was a loser. I asked him if he could enlighten me on the price of gold and silver and what a real coin silver doller was worth. He kept saying that he would have to weigh it. I don't think I am stupid but don't most silver dollars weigh the same. I told Mr. Smugly that all I wanted was an example of what they were worth and he rudely kept saying with that look on his face he would have to weigh it. I did get weight price but only after probing for 5 minutes. Now to the real problem.....I went to Gem Jewerly to have batteries put in 2 watches. I usually go to the Vernon Connecticut store the service is better there, although I didn't know that at the time. ....Mr. Smugly gave me a hard time with that also. The capper is he charged me $15.00 for that service..The last time I had that done it was $3.00 each. It looked like he picked the price out of the air....I WILL NEVER GO THERE AGAIN. There was a woman there also and she didn't acknowledge my presence the whole time. No smile, no nod it was like I didn't exist. Thank you for reading this. If someone really is. At least there is no charge for that. I will pray for Mr. Smugly...............I went on to say that I was putting this note on my blog. It was a "not so nice day" yesterday. I was in a great mood until I went there. Careful folks the vultures are waiting.....

Tags: connecticut, enfield, gem jewerly, probing, vernon, watches, weight weigh
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