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          I woke up at 1:30 AM this morning. The interesting part is I decided to drive the 12 miles to the adjoining state to buy gas. Being stubborn I haven't bought gas in my state in almost 4 years. I could go into a litany or reasons but that isn't the point.....The ride there was beautiful. Of coarse it was dark and there were few cars but what I noticed most was the silence. I put the Mustang in cruse at 30 MPH That is as slow it will go in cruse control and off I went. Its strange but if there are no other cars passing you out or climbing up your rear bumper Its like 30 is a normal speed. You are surrounded by silence and darkness. There are no glaring lights. Its an alone peaceful feeling. After buying the gas in a all night empty gas station, I went to a place along a river that my Dad took me to years ago. There is a bike trail there now. Can you guess where I will be as soon as it stops raining??  On the way home I went the long way at 30MPH and it was beautiful. I enjoyed every moment. At times I felt like the Knight Rider..I know, I know but It was just a feeling....I don't know when but I will do that again. Its so silent, dark and peaceful that it seems I am drawn towards that....like a craving... 
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