L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Plaza Ford' Niantic Ct.

My car is in the garage being repaired. It will be ready Wednesday. The Ford garage didn’t have the parts for my 2005 Ford Mustang and had to send for them. Is it me or is there something wrong with that picture. The Ford garage had no loaner so I had to rent a car. Just another small picture…After they fix the car I’m going to address that problem to one of the overweight managers on how I feel about that. After a 3 hour wait, what did they find wrong? A plastic part in the thermostat caused a pinhole leak that I couldn’t find or see. Its more complicated than it sounds. I made them show that to me. The antifreeze was leaking and evaporating. It showed no wetness. It was like the fluid was disappearing leaving only a lingering odor. You don’t want to know how much this is going to cost. The swelling is slowly going down in my leg. Thank God! Its true that cats have 9 lives and now I know why that saying started because Willie is on his last one….The sad part is he doesn’t know that if he doesn’t take his pill his life is over….I will try everything to prevent that. Pill pockets were suggested and I truly appreciate that … I will look for that today. He just won’t take the pill and he makes it very difficult for me to give it to him….. I’m not going give up or be angry. He will get every chance I can give him……
Tags: plaza ford
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