L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Deliberation and Contempt"

Just a few details here but the other day I went to my doctor for medication. Antibiotics for a serious cat bite on my right leg. I’m talking, having a hard time walking, cat bite….After I calmed down yesterday, this incident happened Wednesday before I went to my sons house,. I went to the Vet for help and was rewarded by meeting Danielle the receptionist, who told me she was “There for me“….I must have looked pathetic. I was trying to hide the fact that I was crying like a little kid. The Vet said very nicely “To get another cat to keep Willie Company“…Yes, he was serious and I almost did but declined for now. Today, Danielle will give me pills to give Willie to calm down and we will try this first…I will not kill my cat…If I gave him up to Humane Society, I’d have to say he bites because I don’t lie. Then guess what? This is part 2 sort of, because I knew that sooner or later this was going to happen….Not the serious bite but his anger and “The Pill thing“…Yet, I don‘t want him sleeping all day…..Lately he seems very nervous and jumps or slinks at the least amount of noise. I think he is angry and I blame the construction next door. Read the next paragraph very slowly with “Deliberation and Contempt……

      Even I hate, yes hate with all the hate I can find, all, every last one of those inconsiderate construction worker, bosses, contractors or any one involved, lousy bastards. I hope and pray that they all die at the hands of an axe murderer who chops off one limb at a time, slowly and painfully at a young age while their family watches and can do nothing to stop it or I hope they contract an unknown foreign skin disease that is incurable and their hands and feet rot away very slowly. Then I hope and yes, pray that they all die and spend eternity with a back-up horn implanted in their head, going on and on and on and on and on till their head explodes only to have it start all over again for a trillion years. I truly mean this and really, really pray that this happens soon so I can watch. So if any of you read this please know that I am watching and praying you fall off that machine you are on or it crashes on top of you….No, not to die but to suffer a life long debilitating injury with no money, welfare or medical insurance…..That is my wish for you…..I pray for a whole bunch of things, that way I know that sooner or later just one will happen. I like giving God a choice. Any one will do.....Sorry guys, they really deserve that…Now, I’ve got to go get Willie his pills….

Tags: bosses, construction, contractors, danielle, pills, receptionist, worker
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