L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Continue To Pay"

  After the trial in Chicago Rod was prancing and dancing, doing his stick in the streets like he’s innocent. My God he is the fool of fools. I have never seen anyone so Narcissistic and not know it. Someone so consumed with greed that they don’t know what it is to be embarrassed. One Juror, a woman held out…If that doesn’t sound like someone got to her nothing does. Let me see if I got this right…In the most corrupt State in the United States. Illinois. Rods guilty by all 11 except for 1 for trying to sell our Presidents Senate seat, yes our, president, the same guy that said it was OK for the Muslins to build a Mosque at Ground Zero. That’s the guy. I heard he was a Muslim. But I digress,  How can you not believe the fix was not in? Common sense or if you have a half brain you know something is wrong in jury land…I heard there was going to be new trial. I hope the government spends 100 million dollars to convict this freak. The Jackson family, Burris, the monkey man and his pals are all involved. Plus a long list of known’s and unknowns. Jackson and his son are involved and they have been strangely quiet. Sharpton is usually standing on a street corner or in the door way of a City Hall someplace yelling and being his asinine self. So as the lawyers rake in the money preparing for the new trial. Rod continues his stick and as usual, Burris, in denial, muddles along depositing his government check as a fake senator. The Jackson’s keep a low profile distributing the money to the Lawyers that make the legal loopholes and excuses that keep them out of jail and of coarse you continue to pay…… 
Tags: burris, illinois, jackson, mosque, muslims, president, rod blagovitch, sharpton, trial
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