L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Pay For Everything"

Its going to be hot today and the weather man we have in this area tries to look happy and talk with an upbeat tone but I know he is as miserable as me…Is it my imagination or has this been one long uncomfortable summer?…There are so many things to voice my opinion about that I don’t know where to begin. Yeah, right Lar. One of most dumbest things is, its almost the anniversary of the 9/11 murders and the Muslims want to build a Mosque near the where the Twin Towers were in New York City. They use us and abuse us. They kill our solders, blow people up all over the world and then they want to build churches to praise their God. Where do they get the money to build these things? It costs millions…Don’t say anything but it could be the drug money from Afghanistan. That is one of their more popular exports. I heard they hide bombs and guns in these Churches. This morning they blew up something in Iraq and killed 60 people and 3 more soldiers died in Afghanistan. This is insane and I wonder who would allow this to happen? Could it be our honest politicians who care so much about what you and I think.? The Illegal Alien thing has quieted down. Our President flies all over the world and goes on vacation while your taxes go up and up, as you pay for all the Illegal’s welfare and food stamps. They don’t really have stamps. They have charge cards now…Your State and Federal government sends them so much of your money a month on a charge card. I heard they can get cash from these cards too but don’t hold me to that. It depends how many kids they have. They call them dependents. Yeah, they are dependent on you for school and don’t forget that wholesome breakfast, lunch and dinner tonight. I always wonder where the Dads are and where they work. They never show the fathers only the mothers telling the sob story of how they have so many problems. This fall they will be going to your schools that you will pay for. Meanwhile don’t forget to donate money for school lunches, the school books and the flood victims, the Hurricane victims, The Fire victims, the Oil Leak victims, the Cancer victims, the Russian victims, the Pakistan victims, the India victims, the Arab victims and all the other scam victims in the world….When I see this I think of the people who run these things. I’ll bet the CEO’s make over $200,000 a year. While you send in your donation they are driving their BMW's to work when they actually go to work….So as you sit in your 1985 Ford Escort on your way to work paying $3.00 a gallon for gas, don’t forget to donate because the welfare receipents and the illegals need the money for the taxi's that take them shopping. Don't forget your government, they are watching everything you do from the satellite spy cams. They can actually see the numbers on the checks you write…..Later guys…..
Tags: fathers, mothers, victims

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