L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"No Sleep"

I don’t think I slept for an hour straight last night, I kept waking up for no reason. I don’t know what happened? I had short mixed up, confusing dreams that I don’t remember. Its raining today with a prediction of severe or violent thunderstorms. I feel like I am in a science fiction movie…No sleep or very little, storms and confusion. Its like, what's going to happen next?  I have to get going now so I can come home and take a nap….That’s the kind of night it was…I just got up and I’m thinking taking a nap…I’m starting to wake up now so and I still don’t remember what I was dreaming about….Wow, am I messed up. I think I have a cold….Later guys…
Tags: sleep
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