L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari


When I put pictures on MY page, the page that I pay for…I put them in the order that gives you the most pleasure viewing them. They are neatly arranged so you can understand the reasons they are there. However, the page I put them on somehow just places them in disarray and I realize its very its annoying…Live Journal in its infinite wisdom will not correct or repair the page, even if its just to make it more simple to use so that the folks who pay for this service will have no problems. I have no issues with Flicker It works all the time. I am truly sorry and apologize that the pictures you are viewing are not the way they I put them on. I am helpless and no matter how I change them the page just puts them where it wants. I have tried unsuccessfully to get help….Its just auto mail that responds…Its all about the money and Live Journal doesn’t care…. If you care too check my Flicker page....

Tags: pictures
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