L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Stagnant Air"

   This morning the filter on the coffee maker somehow clogged the little hole so the hot coffee backed up onto the counter. There wasn't that much but I hate when that happens. It’s a nice mess to clean up at 7AM…This morning I’m going to breakfast with friends then coming home. The weather is bad here. Thunderstorms and heavy rain are predicted….It should cool things off from this obscenely hot weather. The air was so stagnant last night it was very difficult to breath without the air conditioner. The only thing I am going do to today is come home later and just watch the world spin out of control. I hope I don’t get sucked into that vapor stream of insanity. Last night was OK, I mean it was a good visit and I did get to talk to my friend Pam, so that made all worth while. On the way home there was some kind of accident on the highway and the traffic was backed up on route 2 to a stand still near Colchester. That took 15 minutes…The time was 10:15PM. There is not supposed to be anybody on that highway at that hour.…I always wonder what these people do for a living that they can be out so late. People should be home resting for the next day or tucking their kids into bed. They should be explaining the difference between good and bad and right and wrong to them instead of getting in my way. Hey everybody I don’t have time for such nonsense. Please get out of my way…I don’t have time for crowds or ignorant behavior. Anyway that’s it and I apologize….Its just me blaming people, places and things for my for stuff. Sorry, gotta go..
Tags: coffee, stagnant air, traffic

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