L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Government's Fault"

The windows on the car look great. Its like riding around in the shade. (Pictures soon) Today a trip to my son’s house is in order…..Comment… In my state, a guy with a gun went to work yesterday morning and killed 8 people…To exploit this, TV is saying it was racial. The truth is he stole something, it was on tape and they fired him. It was a normal day in this country and it gave the police a chance the bring out their armored vehicles and swat team… Things are not good anywhere…I read all my friends posts and there are, more than normal who don’t have a job. Not having a job used to be sort of, one of life’s little problems. Its much different today. These young people CANNOT find a job. I read their journals and can feel the pain and desperation in the words. I want to help them all but even I can’t find the words. They only thing I can say is keep trying….Its our governments fault that you can’t find work so I encourage you to apply for every one of the programs in your state to get benefits. Its OK to do this. Welfare, food stamps, health benefits, rental rebate, energy assistance or anything, anything your Town and State will pay for.. Including weekly food at the food bank. Don’t be proud you will be surprised to see many of your classmates or friends there… Its not easy anywhere anymore…You are not alone and its not your fault…Treat it like a job because it is….Again, please try not to be proud….Just do it…
Tags: jobs, posts, state, swat team, town
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