L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"No One Disagrees"

…Last night I stopped for gas and was surprised that an American young woman was behind the register. I commented that I was astonished, and after months of buying gas that it was a real American that was working in this convenience store gas station . Nancy told me that “Cumberland Farms” was owned and operated by an American family and she would only work for Americans. She has a bumper sticker that says that on the Chevy pick-up she drives. We got to talking and she feels like I do. In fact everywhere I go I mention the Arizona illegal issue and, now get this, NO ONE DISAGREES. Everyone has their own horror story…Not one person is on the side of the illegal’s and that’s a good thing. Everyone comments about their displeasure with doing something, it could be just walking down the street or being at an event and feeling like they are in a different country. Some have even said they are afraid and just go home…Usually I let national issues go or leave it to the crooked politicians who get paid under the table to look the other way or to take care of these things…This is something we can’t let go. Real Americans are suffering because our government refuses to act and deport the illegal’s. More and more States are getting involved and are angry so this is very far from being over. This will not go away like they want it to. This problem is more than just another issue and will not go away by burying your head in the sand…We have a President who looks the other way while real Americans suffer and pay…Real Americans with no jobs. Billions of Tax dollars being spent on stimulating the economy and saying that its starting to get better. They have been saying that months. News Flash….. Its NOT going to get better. They only want you to believe that, it’s a lie.…I don’t believe this President. The only thing he is good at is talking in circles. Going on the View to gossup was what this guy thinks is a good thing?  All the candidates that are running for office are talking about having a plan for getting everyone jobs. If you want to win an election and you really have a solution share that information now before the election. When am I going to hear one of these wanna-be future crooked politicians say, sorry folks there are no jobs available because there are just too many people in this country  and not enough things to do. (30 million illegals)....Hey, you can only have so many fast food restaurants and landscaping jobs. Sorry folks but the illegal’s are doing the things that you did before. It must be true because remember when one of the Bush Presidents said that. They should be saying…If you vote for me I can’t promise anything unless something is done with all the foreigners that are here illegally here in this country. Send me to Washington so I can sign legislation that will reinforce the law that only citizens can be in this country and work. Then we can deport all the non-citizens and ease the strain on our pocketbooks to stabilize our economy. Only then will there will be jobs….Remember, with the over population in this country there can only be so many opportunities and nothing for the American People.
Tags: american, deport, illegal’s, tax

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