L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Lies and Promises"

 Three months to go before the election and I’m already sick of the political commercials. Hell, they started these things 6 months ago. The continuous flow of lies and promises is stomach turning...Think about this! Who would want to be a political pawn these days except someone who is motivated by greed and self-interest? The last honest politician I have ever met was my brother. He was a 4 term Connecticut legislator. Last night I didn’t turn on the television. Honestly, I didn’t. I watched commercial free movies, (26 inch monitor) on the internet and I think I found a new movie site… I’ll send you the link Adam….On Hulu they have 30 second spots which I mute so it isn’t that bad. That is where I watch my favorite TV shows…What I do now is watch morning TV, well actually what I see out of the corner of my eye are figures moving silently around the screen because its muted most of the time…Later, in a month or so, the plan with the big TV, (“40 inches”), is to watch the world series if the Red Sox play and all the Football I can no matter who plays. The best news I heard this morning was that they are getting rid of those obnoxious fools on “American Idol”. Where do I send my praise and thank you’s? The even better news is they might be replaced by my favorite kind of people….One of the best Rock singers in the world and a great actress….The news I’m waiting for is that they are getting rid of Ghetto Nick Cannon. The other person on “Americas got talent“ he certainty is not the host as he pretends to be. …He couldn’t make as a rapper and I don’t how he qualifies as a pretend host. His bio on Wikipeda is like an inch wide. Hell mine is at least 2 inches…Just kidding….I try to watch because some of the people who try out are very good. I have to turn it off because of his monotonous drivel. OK, OK, I’ll stop!  He is such a waste of time and space but I had to say it and I feel better now…..Later guys….
Tags: ellen degeneres, nick cannon, simon cowell
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