L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari


Today I made an appointment for an oil change at the Ford dealer.. That’s right an appointment….These days, you can't just drop in to your local Ford dealer. There are other maintenance things that need to be done. Not expensive things, just small things like a fuel filter. Things I can’t get too myself. Things that the Ford engineers made it impossible for the average guy or girl to get too. What this means is I can’t go with my friends this morning and that I will miss but I just have to get the car done, plus it bothers me to let these things go which I have been doing for a while now…Yesterday was another boring hot day here weather wise and it rained in the afternoon…That meant no bike riding so that’s on the agenda for today also. Not much else is going on and that’s a good thing….Later guys its late and I’ve got to get going…
Tags: car
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