L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Nostalgic Little Trip"

  Its going to be another very hot day here…Things seems to be working on the Internet today. I think what Facebook has done, is make things more complicated and less user friendly. I will never understand why they do that. I guess they are trying to look smart. Well, its not working ….Twitter is so easy, It didn’t change and is very user friendly. But I digress….. Yesterday I took a ride to Norwich Conn. to the Norwichtown Mall. In the past I went there all the time. What a shock! It was empty! No stores. Well, no real stores. Just a place to get your nails done and a Dollar and a Vitamin store. Walking the halls is weird with nobody around and just 30 empty store fronts…From what was a thriving busy place to nothing. Its heartbreaking. Then it was off to Scotland Rd. past places I used to go then to Baltic Connecticut where nothing much has changed… Back to Norwich through Mohegan Park, once a large beautiful park or forest in the center of the city. It always reminded me of central park in New York. It had a kids zoo and swimming pond with miles of biking and walking trails. There is a large section of it in the center closed which includes the pond because there was a murder there. You can’t just drive around the park anymore. Then later going downtown by abandoned buildings and stores, to the Ledyard country side noticing there are still trees and wooded areas. Then it was on to the jammed highway (RT. 95) to cross the bridge over the Thames river with a great view of the Subbase in Groton…Then home…I needed this nostalgic little trip but its like things are changing overnight…We, I should say, this country is growing too fast and not taking the time to think about things and the consequences. Well, we are feeling them for sure….If things continue the way they are, it can only get worse and I don’t see a very bright future….Double lock your doors and turn on your web cams because it won’t get any better… Tonight I will meet with friends, I can’t wait for that……I must remember to put on my bullet proof vest…..
Tags: facebook, ledyard, mohegan park, norwichtown. norwich, subbase, twitter
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