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"The Walls Have Ears"

Friday…Its been another rough weather week here in Connecticut….Heat and violent rain storms but not in my case though, tornado’s. I finally had to make another Facebook page under my name only with a longer version name, and I’m not kidding here, I’m friends with myself…I actually clicked “Accept” and became a friend of me….The old page was, I can only say for lack of better words, was out of control with pictures popping up everywhere and posts showing up three days later. In other words just plain stupid and embarrassing…I have moved most of my friends over from my old short name to my new long name. I asked those Facebook morons for help every day for 3 weeks but only got auto mail back twice. I guess with all their half a BILLION Facebookers there was no time for little me…I apologize for the confusion guys but well, you know what I mean…The new page doesn’t work either. I can’t put movie links on it….Sometimes if you get too big you just don’t care about the little guys. Dad Quote here…“Always remember what goes up must come down”. Careful Facebook clowns, you have officially been Dad warned. Well that’s it for now and as I sit here thinking about it, if that’s all problems I have for today, someone is really taking care of me…Oh, and remember, “The walls have ears“….Little Dad quote there…..
Tags: facebook, long, short
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