L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Day From Hell"

Yesterday was the day from Hell…Its started OK but went downhill fast when Willie decided to bite my left elbow as I was sitting in my office chair typing, you had to be here. All because I had an “Involuntary Allergy Sneeze“. He took it upon himself to get mad at me…It was the straw that broke the camels back…It didn’t hurt that much, it more scared the crap out of me…because I was focused on something else…As you all well know, I love all Gods creatures and at times have even risked my life to save them from a certain death or even just to take a picture of them…Well, this time I lost it and I slapped him on his hind end with the flat side of my wooden backscratcher that was near my right hand…He double hissed at me and went under my desk where he promptly got tangled up in the computer wires. OMG. The computer crashed and shut down which of coarse made me get more upset and angry. I went to get the water squirt bottle, not to squirt him but more to show it to him and before I got back, Willie not being as stupid as people might think somehow untangled himself…Good but not before he pulled the DSL wires from the computer. He then scampered under the bed at about 300 miles an hour to be unseen for the next 2 hours. Wow, I thought and took a deep breath to calm down. I fixed the computer, posted, took a shower, dressed and grabbed my umbrella and then left to go to breakfast. When I went outside, I noticed the threatening clouds in the South and thought and remembered the radar and the thunder storms that were coming from that direction… WTF it can’t get any worse, I thought. …Well it did….We were all at breakfast when it started to rain and I mean it really rained, along with the usual high wind near the shoreline that comes with these violent storms. Of coarse the power went out and the fire alarm went on.. This brought the fire trucks and those brave firemen to our rescue… Of coarse no one had to be rescued but it did cut short our breakfast…Later on the way home, a half hour early and I was even more upset then before. Lets just say I was not very happy. I decided to get something to eat but restaurants with no power and stores for shopping don’t work so that was it. I thought maybe if I just go the library and get a book on CD I‘ll feel better. So I did that and I still got home early and Willie who meanwhile has forgotten all about the excitement of the morning did his usual leg rub. I was left with a bruised ego and a tooth mark on my left elbow and oh yes, I checked CD when I got home and discovered that I already have the book so now I have to bring it back…It can‘t get any worse than it did yesterday…….I felt as though the day was incomplete. I wanted to start all over again but it was just to late for that…..Its not very often that I don’t accomplish anything so last night after dinner I drove downtown to the Dairy Queen and got a small Hot Fudge Sundae for desert ….No, it was not a good day and I didn’t dare buy a new Cell Phone…
Tags: bite, book on cd, creatures, rain, willie
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