L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Aggressive As Mine"

I just finished reading my friends page here on LJ because I was feeling that maybe, after reading my own posts, that I was too angry and, well not too angry just writing about it too much…Well, I’m not. The feelings on the posts on my friends page are not as, lets say aggressive as mine but in between the lines depending on the age of the writer, there is a fear and the knowledge that is the same as mine. I have writer friends from all over the world and a little of what is happening here in the US is overflowing everywhere. Some places maybe a little worse. Its like its out of control a little everywhere. Someone said to me a while ago, “There is something in the wind” She was right…

87 days later and the oil leak is stopped. Well, for now anyway. Isn’t it weird that they always leave us a little hanging in the wind…Its like they say don’t worry we are almost there. Only that say it all the time. When I heard that news yesterday. I cried tears of joy…..I really did… 87 days to fix this oil leak, a thousand years to recover from the damage it caused…Isn’t it interesting that they can have the camera there to monitor the leak but they can’t fix it….Its like having cameras everywhere to watch us but they can’t stop crime…It just never freaking ends. Later guys…

Tags: a thousand years, cameras, oil leak
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