L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari


 No, I didn’t buy the air conditioner, not yet anyway…but enough of that. Today will be beach and bike day as usual after I make a Sunday dinner which will include area grown, butter and sugar sweet corn. In the Gulf today they are leisurely trying to re-cap the leak. Can you just imagine what the pressure is like at that depth. Oil spewing from the ocean floor under 5000 feet of water and it still won’t stop. The pressure at that depth will crush ships. I mentioned a while ago that they might have to rig some kind of controlled bomb down the shaft or parallel to the shaft where the oil is leaking…Well I heard yesterday that a, now get this…“A small Nuclear bomb” might be used to “Try” to stop the leak if all else fails. I also mentioned a while ago that our U.S. Navy has deep dive submarine that, “I think” could have fixed this a long time ago. I wonder why they never asked for that to help? Meanwhile everybody is climbing on the free money bandwagon to get money from BP because they lost there livelihood. Does losing your hobby count? Can you imagine that fiasco…Does looking for sea glass or taking pictures of sea gulls count? Maybe when the Gulf Stream brings the oil to Connecticut I’ll apply. Am I kidding about the Gulf Stream? I don’t think so…In August the natural ocean currents bring warmer water to this area of the world…It comes from the Gulf of Mexico. I hope BP doesn’t run out of money. It a lucky thing the gas companies over charged us for gas or they wouldn’t have the money to pay for this insanity…
Tags: gulf stream, submarine, u.s. navy
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