L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"When In Rome"

 I don’t remember when it was as hot outside as was yesterday. 101 degrees are words anyone can say. Being outside working or even driving around is not easy. Stepping out of your air conditioned car literary takes you breath away. I can only describe it as blistering hot. You can feel your skin heating up and burning. You could not stay outside in the direct sunlight too long or you would get sick. I would pay $5 for shady parking spot. That how hot it is……

I just heard on the news that a 63 year old man hit and killed a police officer while he was directing traffic after a fireworks event. He was arrested for Driving under the influence. Can you imagine the horror of waking up the next morning remembering that you did that. If he thinks he had problems before, he hasn’t seen anything yet. I feel bad for the officers family and friends. This one twist of fate will change their lives forever…

The heat today will continue so I won’t be going north today. It feels funny not to go. Being of sound mind and in the interest of self preservation, I will not test fate by going on our antiquated highways, risking a break down in this heat…

Comment.........I have been thinking about the comments I made the other morning about illegal’s. I understand the intolerable conditions of some of the countries they come from but when they come to America they have the responsibility to join the work force, pay taxes and obey the laws. Coming here is not free. If they want to stay they need learn the English language and become a citizen. I didn’t say it was going to be easy…I mentioned before my grandmother and grandfather did it and they practically raised me while my parents worked. Let me tell something…..If I moved to Italy, France or Russia for that matter, I guarantee and promise that within 6 months I would speak the language. I know and realize that because I would have went there prepared to do what is asked of me. I certainty would not expect them to change for me. Remember, “When in Rome do as the Romans do”. I understand that there are rules and laws and its not easy. Its nice here but moving here does not come with all the perks. It’s the responsibly of anyone who moves here, to work, take care of the environment and if they plan to stay, learn to speak English. They must also learn our cultures and be respectful no matter how hard it is. Its not as easy as its cracked up to be…..

Tags: comments, heat, police, rome, shade
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