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"Cut The Cord"

The weather in the Northeast is the problem today. They are predicting 100 degrees. The last time is was this hot was in 1966 at Bradley International Airport. I don’t remember that day but I do know we didn’t have an air conditioner. After I heard about what the temperature was going to be. I was concerned about the condition of my window unit because I knew it was going to be working very hard. The other day I noticed the cord was heating up more than usual. Yes, I check these things. At closer inspection I noticed on one spot it had started to melt. I wasn’t surprised because of the size wire they use for the power. It seems during the moving process the wire may have been pinched. So I got out my trusty tools, yes the same ones I used when I worked at the above mentioned airport and repaired that wire. (Warning) don’t try this yourself unless you know how to do it because it involves cutting the cord. My son gave this to me I have used this 8000 BTU air conditioner for the last 6 years and with the proper maintenance it will last 6 more years. However, I went to the 2 local indoor lumber yards where they sell these things and the only thing they had left were the ones in the beat-up boxes that look like they have been dropped from the 4th floor. You would think they would check these units and re-box them. There were at least 8 that were damaged. I think I will keep the one have because it works fine now…Stay cool guys……

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