L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"The Dead Horse"

 I just thought of something, well actually I thought about it yesterday while sitting in the shade watching the College kid at the entrance to my town beach checking beach passes so people can go the beach….If the people who couldn’t speak English had to show their citizenship papers to be admitted there would be an estimated 50% Less people on the beach…The State beach down the road wouldn’t have had to close at 9 AM and more American citizens would have been able to spend time at the shore line…..I know, I know, I am beating a dead horse again but once I get on these rants its hard for me to stop. I just can’t help it…. It bothers me to see all these people jammed into one place, all talking a different language. Doesn’t it bother these people to know that as they shove and shoulder your way to the water that 70% of the American people don’t want you here in this country. WE don’t like your loud and obnoxious attitudes. OK, not all illegal’s are this way, some people are respectful but most are just rude. Its much too crowded and its not fair that real citizens have to stand back and watch the environment go down the drain.. I will never stop saying, if your not a citizen and don’t plan to be one, go home to wherever you came from….The way I see it is if I keep voicing my opinion and my feelings on this subject sooner of later Immigration will come knocking on your door with those handcuffs. I know I’m not alone when I say these things. The majority of us United States citizens feel the same way. More States will soon be rounding you up and sending you back to where you came from. Illegal’s you stand alone believe me. WE, that live in the United States will survive. WE always do. It may take some time so enjoy it while you can…In the meantime learn English because you may need it to understand the judge when he deports you. Our country is dieing. I thought that fool from Texas was bad. The one in the White House now is no better. This guy needs to make some tough decisions NOW. All foreign criminals need to be deported immediately. Their crimes are at National Emergency level. The Drugs they sell are killing our youth and the pitfalls from drugs are very deep. More kids are dieing every day. The majority of the American people can’t take it anymore. The high prices, the bail outs with tax dollars and the never ending deficit. Get rid of the millions of people that don’t belong here to start with and things will get better…After that, go by the law and only allow so many per year and give this Nation a chance to grow normally. Its out of control now. To you non-citizens and illegal’s. If you don’t become a citizen in 6 months and pay taxes, go back to where you came from…That’s the way it should be…I can only pray it will happen soon because we are dieing faster each day. See, and I didn’t even mention the oil leak that is still leaking millions of gallons of oil each day…..

Tags: country, dieing, drugs, handcuffs, illegal’s

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