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 This is the weekend that the cops check for drunk drivers and people who don’t use set belts. In Connecticut it’s $40 dollars for a seat belt violation and handcuffs if you don’t pass the sobriety test. Its what happens after you are caught drinking and driving that it gets really expensive. First they have your car towed away while you go to jail. No, they don’t bring the car to your house even if you ask them to. To get your car back you have to pay the wrecker charges at the impound lot. AAA does not work in these cases. Then there is your mug shot and finger prints. Yes, they do that to. That’s before you call someone to bail you out of jail or hire a bondsman to give them the bail money. Try to explain that to your parents or your best friend. At your first court appearance after about a month of worry and anxiety, you will need a lawyer which will cost you a retainer fee or the State will provide a lawyer for you. You are not a famous person and even if you know somebody you will not get away with this crime. The lawyer will be there primarily to explain what will happen to you. This is a routine arrest for the cops and they won’t make mistakes during your arrest. Don’t look for loopholes. Explaining these court appearances to your boss to try and get time off is a whole other story. The first offense usually doesn’t mean jail but you never know how the judge will be feeling that day. He will send you to Alcohol school or he just might want to use you as an example. Putting your fate in someone else’s hands is not my idea of having a good day. A fine for a DWI is not cheap and if you can’t pay, guess what? Right, is off to jail with you in those handcuffs all over again. All this is only the beginning of the problems and issues you will have. This is a felony and if you are convicted, years later it will come back to haunt you. If you are looking for a job, on that application there is always the question were you ever arrested? You have to put yes. Its hard to find a job that doesn't have a security clearance especially today with all the cameras and trust issues, what job doesn’t? I know you learn a lot a things by experience but this is one experience you don’t want to learn by. I don’t drink but I have these issues with seat belts…I have had 3 forty dollar fines. Well, even I will hook up my belt this weekend. All This will happen and more even if its your first offense. If its your second don’t plan to get out of jail any time soon. Happy Fourth…
Tags: bail, court, dwi, felony, jail, lawyers

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