L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Everyone Is Watching"

Wow, was it hot yesterday but today it’s a little cooler. Just right for a trip up north. It will interesting to see if my son put his truck back together. He takes the most unusual things apart.. Last week he took the bed off his almost new Chevy pick-up to put rust preventive on it…Not that there is anything wrong with that. It just seems like a lot of work to me.

 Lately I have been thinking about what kind of stories they put on the news. Some of the stories they put on to sensationalize their networks are responsible for a lot of the copycats and the people that hurt themselves or commit crimes. You would think that someone with a brain would say, “Hey we better not show that because someone might try it and hurt or kill themselves“. They don’t care as long as it makes them money. The thing is today nothing is sacred…Anything goes. Everyone knows what everyone has done. When your Parents said “Behave yourself and set an example for your family and friends“ Well, those days are gone and have been for a long time. Now people do weird things to maybe, just maybe be noticed and get on the evening news for that 6 o’clock time slot. Just look at the people on the TV show “Americas got talent” Many try, most fail…Speaking of that show…The guy they use as a MC, I think his name is Nick Cannon, is by far the worst of the talent on the show. I mean he is even worse than Ryan Seacrest. If you can get worst than that. Where did they get these non-funny clowns? Do they hire these idiots so people will watch to see idiots. For some unexplained reason the producers keep pointing the cameras at Cannon and he makes the most inane comments I have ever heard. He is not funny. He is a distraction and very annoying.

 Well guys , its time for me to get going and needless to say I’ve got to prepare for my departure by getting ready for my appearance on the web cams of America. Yesterday I washed the Mustang so it would look good as I was traveling the highways and by ways of the State of Connecticut…Today when go into stores I will make sure to wave at the nice men and woman that monitor the cams so they will know that I know they are watching me. I will do my best to try and not do any stupid things so they can sell the images to the TV networks or put them on Utube….I will try to keep a low profile and to set an example for my fellow citizens. This is my commitment to you today…Hang in there guys. Remember everyone is watching..

Tags: mc, networks, nick cannon, responsible, ryan seacrest, sensationalize

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