L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"The Depression"

I have a feeling the United States is on the edge of another depression. I don’t mean the kind of depression that the government bails out major corporations then sends us checks to spike the economy. I mean a real depression. The kind where people live in the streets and stand in food lines. Sound familiar? In some places that’s happening now. The lines at the food pantry and Salvation Army are getting longer and longer. In other places it takes up to four months to get food stamps because of the amount of people applying. It’s a deep in the gut feeling because of the way nothing seems to be getting better, only worse. It’s the same feeling every day, like its like a huge lie and it goes on and on. I don’t see or feel anything recovering at all. They think because they say it we will believe it. They don’t know what its like to live in the trenches and see the craziness all around us. I see hundreds of people riding around in their cars on a weekday mornings at 10 o’clock. Don’t any of these people work anymore? It’s the way everything is so expensive and there are no jobs. It started a while ago when they cut sports programs in schools. Now a lot of towns and cities are canceling the 4thof July fireworks and closing schools and libraries. This is what is happening in Connecticut. In the Gulf of Mexico there is major oil leak pouring out millions of gallons of oil a day literally killing the environment and sea life that they can’t stop. He had that close door meeting with BP and I know he knows what the future will be for that. He won’t tell us. Yet the people are walking around with out a worry in the world, smiling. I have a feeling this is going on all over the country. Its funny that this administration keeps saying everything is all right when it isn’t. We are spiraling out of control heading for that crash. This guy does not know how to fix or run anything, never mind a country. He thinks money can fix anything when its only a band-aid. The only reason he is in office is because the people were so tired after 8 years of the moron. They wanted to get rid of him so bad they would have voted for Bernie Madoff if he ran for office. Now as we swirl down the drain I heard he wants to use an Executive order granting amnesty to the illegal’s ( Years ago they called them DP’s Displaced persons) that are here in this country and make it OK for them to stay. This is absolutely insane. There too many to do that. This will be the straw that will break the camels back. If this happens there will be more killing and murder in the streets. Much more than we have now. It is not the States responsibility to make laws keeping illegal’s out. It is the United States governments responsibility to tighten the immigration laws and capture and send non-citizens home. They are getting into this country without their immunization shots, bringing the sickness and disease from their countries with them. We are overcrowded to the point we running into each other. The taxpayers can’t pay for everything. They won’t be able to print enough money to do that. My Grandmother and Grandfather came to America by ship and landed on Ellis Island in New York. They learned English so they could become citizens. It did not take them long. Years later when I was a little kid I remember them taking about that with pride. Today and I’ve said this before walking down the street is like walking in a foreign country. Everyone is talking a different language. The streets in America are not paved in gold anymore and there are rules.
Tags: depression, displaced persons, ellis island, overcrowded, people, taxpayers
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