L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Twenty-Eight Dollars"

It was a beautiful day yesterday. I did a sometimes fast and sometimes slow 10 miles. At about the halfway point I found and stopped at a desolate or you could say isolated beach. Yes, if you ride a bike you can still find things like that. With a bike you can go anywhere. You have no car to park. They can’t charge you for anything. I parked the bike on a sand dune and as I was walking across the white sand beach towards the water I seen what I thought was litter and was thinking, OMG the pigs were here.. I walked over to pick up this litter and it turned out to be $28 dollars. The money was crushed together and in a half rolled state, not in order. It was like someone just grabbed it and shoved it into their pocket then later, carelessly lost it. A ten, three fives and three ones….I couldn’t believe it. The money was half covered with sand like someone inadvertently kicked sand in that direction and seemed dry and crispy like it was there for a long time…I looked around like I was a thief, only then realizing I was the only one there…Wow, I thought pocketing this cash like I was going to lose it. It’s a funny feeling to find something like that. I felt that maybe a kid lost it and I should return it but I was there all alone. I thought maybe I could get an order of big belly fried clams I have been craving. No, I don’t think so…I put this cash in an unused pocket in the waist belt I carry my camera in when I ride my bike. There it will stay until I forget it or need it for something. I’m going to call it, bicycle mad money. Oh, I almost forgot. I went there to look for sea glass and found a nice piece of well worn white glass…All in all it was a very good day…
Tags: beach, bike, cash, sea glass
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