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Wednesday, travel day.. The oil is changed and the car is ready for another 3000 miles. I have been running the air conditioner in the house all day just to keep the humidity down…I cant wait to get that bill…Today, I’ve got to get some gas and check to see if my bike tires are in. They had to order them.. I don’t usually do that…Order tires, that is…I would go to Wal-Mart…Well, let me tell you that store is circling to drain just like this country…It seems to me, looking from the outside that there are a lot of people working there that can barely speak English. When I ask someone where something is, they are polite but sometimes I have to ask them to repeat themselves. Target on the other hand hires local young people. I think they are high school kids. It may cost a little more to shop there but its worth it….I do everything I can to stay away from that other place…I think I am missed because the other day one of the cashier girls said, she hasn’t seen me in a long time…Thank you for that….I must be doing something right…

Comment.….. Nebraska passed an immigration law that says businesses can only hire citizens of this country. God bless you Nebraska, Arizona…I think either West Virginia or Virginia is working on or doing the same….I don’t know for sure. Its got to start somewhere…The country is dieing…. Lets go Connecticut…

                                                  Note to BP….Keep collecting that oil…

Tags: arizona, connecticut, nebraska, tires, wal-mart
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