L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari


I think I’ll take the day off today….I have been riding my bike everyday and become addicted to the adrenaline rush and calm feeling I feel when I come home. Now when I feel stress and tension the solution is to ride to the beach and do a fast 10 miles or a slow and easy 5 miles. It works believe me. Lucky, yes I am.. At times but not often I still get a very, very slight headache from drinking only decaf. I have been tempted to drink some regular coffee but have not. The next thing is not to drink as much coffee. Soon, that will happen soon…I just finished reading “The girl who kicked the Hornets nest.” The last in a series of 3 written by this author because of his demise. The first 2 were fast moving, this one was filled with details, too many details. That could be because I wanted to get to the end quicker. Yet, you have to read it….If you don’t you will always wonder what happened to Lisbeth Salander …This character is the most magnetic fictional character I have ever read. If another author picks up the reins and continues with her adventures he’s got his work cut out for him….

Comment…….The CEO from BP that was apologizing at the Senate hearing looks like he hasn’t slept 60 days…Did you notice that? This guy is finally earning all those bucks and the private jet. Not really, they still pay these morons too much money….Now Methane gas and oil is leaking…I still haven’t heard when this is going to be fixed. Not even an estimate……Why doesn’t anybody ask this question?

When I was riding the other day I stopped to let this little guy cross the street..


Tags: bunny, hornets nest, stress

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