L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Leaking Forever"

I must come from a different world. A world where common sense and morality rule over the insane behavior and ridiculous decision making. A world where consequences are what I think about before I do something stupid...I am not going to live forever but that doesn’t mean I take unnecessary chances. I say all that thinking of all the people that have never learned that life is short and when you die you don’t comeback like your favorite actor in the movies. If continue doing the same dumb things over and over you will die. Pain is real…Death is forever. Because of Utube a lot of the dumb or dumber are being hurt or losing their lives…..I’d like to be around for a little while longer...

Yesterday the car was fixed and it cost less than expected. Not much less but less. It didn’t take as long. Now its back in Mustang form and all systems are go….After thinking about it, the problem started a long time ago because the performance has improved 100% in other areas. Fixing one problem fixed others. It doesn’t do what it did before, it seems tighter and quicker and it corners with confidence. The test will be today when I go to visit my son and friends…

Comment……Last night the President talked about a BP and how bad the oil leak is but did he say when it would be stopped? Did he say if it can be stopped ? Did he say what we are going to do if it never stops? His pointless chatter was politically motivated and he did not try to help anyone but himself. He knows now that money can’t fix everything. Oh, don’t get me wrong your taxes will escalate and prices will go up in subtle ways. When the panic starts and there will be panic, if it leaks forever. Crime and death will prevail….Wait till it starts to effect other countries. Wait till everybody from the Gulf States moves to your home town because of the sickening smell of oil and all those dead birds on the coast line…Wouldn’t it be fun to have the population of New Orleans move to your city or town? ….Think of all the wonderful barrooms they would build. You would have to open those schools you closed a while ago for all those great kids.. Hey, anything is possible in our sick, messed-up country. The real reason for the meeting with BP this morning is to find out the answers to the questions I just asked. Hang in there guys I have a feeling things are going to get really slippery…..

Tags: bp, car, death, dumb, leak, pain, utube
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