L.J. Ferrari (tyler306) wrote,
L.J. Ferrari

"Monsoon Season"

We are in some kind of monsoon season here in Connecticut and from what I understand its effecting most of the country. Its was cloudy and gray all day yesterday. Its supposed to be the same today. Going out with friends this morning if I can get by a huge fuel spill on the highway. Its just never ends. It seems like there are so many people they are running into each other. The major highway is closed while they clean up the spill. Sound familiar? I wouldn’t want to be stuck in that. Its past the point where I want to go so it won’t bother me. Can you imagine the anger and rage if your sitting in traffic there. You are on your way to work and you can’t be late and there you sit for hours because of some moron is going faster than conditions will allow. Its come to the point that I check the highway webcams before I leave if I’m going that way. And so the insane commercials continue as our world slowly circles the drain. Its to the point that there are no more surprises and the news is like comedy central. From one extreme or another. You laugh or you cry. Things are happening that you would never believe. People are either on drugs, desperate or insane. Well guys as the sadness continues and we trudge through the tangled mess of what some people call life in the United States. I will bid you farewell and remember keep looking over your shoulder and don’t go down any dark alleys. The villains are every where waiting to hurt you in some very unexpected and unusual ways…

Tags: circles, drain, trudge, villians
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